COVID-19 Updates
September 2, 2021

At Caremax, the wellbeing and safety of our patients is our top priority. Our mission – to provide healthcare with heart that makes our patients happier and healthier – will not be deterred by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to our patients and the community, as we continue to monitor the progression of this global pandemic.



We are following CDC guidelines, including those related to the Omicron variant. We continue to reinforce vaccinations (which can be administered at any of our Centers), as well as social distancing and mask compliance. If you are a Caremax patient who has not had your booster, make an appointment now at your center so it can be administered. Below are the links to the CDC for further information.


CDC Omicron Variant: What you need to know


CDC in Spanish link


What to Expect When you Visit one our Centers


Rest assured that our Centers are open for all clinical appointments and walk-in visits. If you are uncomfortable visiting a center, we can accommodate a telehealth visit for you.


We ask that you complete a Covid-19 questionnaire upon arrival to the center, along with a temperature check. We want to protect you and others, and expedite the needs of our most vulnerable patients.


Transportation to and from our Centers will continue to be provided to our patients.


Our Wellness and Activities Centers are limiting the number of activities at this time, but remain open for you to pick up a hot lunch to be enjoyed in your home.


Should questions arise outside of the Center’s operating hours we have a 24/7 phone line with clinicians available to answer all your medical questions and concerns.