CareMax Tamarac
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7800 N University Dr Tamarac, FL 33321
Phone: (954) 670 - 1170
Fax: (954) 670-1171
Referrals Fax: (954) 686-6166
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday
Javier Espinal MD

"I always dreamed about becoming an actor because ah that's one of the best ways to help people."

Raul Calderin MD

"I always motivated by health, by medicine, because as a child I was asthmatic and that constantly went in and out of hospitals."

Amparo De Los Santos

"This is a health care with heart and in reality, we care for not just for, well, people's health, it's important for us, but also there is what they're going through that they can count with us. They can feel love."

Maria Chiu P.A.
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