The Collaborative Payer Advantage with CareMax
September 2, 2021

When health plans and providers work together, more can be accomplished for the healthcare ecosystem. CareMax expands on care delivery by aligning the initiatives of both payers and providers so that there are positive patient experiences across the board. When you trust providers to drive these positive outcomes, you simplify the healthcare process by trusting the opportunity for investing time and care for the entire member. Providers can feel comfortable allowing health plans to grow with reliable revenue.


Through CareMax, payers typically see a three-fold outcome.


  • 64% improvement rate on admissions per 1000 versus a fee for service.

  • 74% improvement rate on ER visits per 1000 versus fee for service.

  • 32% improvement rate on readmissions per 1000 versus fee for service.


It is clear that value-based arrangements result in improved outcomes. However, CareMax knows from experience that there are still barriers to overcome that continue to prove difficult for entry. In order to deploy population health, more staff, high price point technology, modification of workflows, and new documentation habits are required. For providers, beginning the process can be tough with little to no help.


That is why CareMax takes a collaborative approach to our services. With an increased level of collaboration, health plans become easier to manage and navigate. By aligning goals, we are able to help providers overcome the challenges they face. Optimizing practices allows members access to high-quality, tech-enabled, preventative care – without making existing provider relationships more difficult.


Our formula for success is simple – a hands-on method for improving provider services and healthcare solutions. With efficient and simple systems, providers and patients alike have better experiences with healthcare.


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