Primary Care Available Through CareMax
September 9, 2021

CareMax believes wholeheartedly in serving our patients through a methodology we call Whole Person Health. That means we serve not only your medical needs but those of your mental and social health. We know that to achieve health in these areas, access to healthcare is a must. All of our CareMax centers offer full services to meet your unique needs.


  • Primary care services: You need a healthcare provider who will listen to your needs. Primary care physicians offer comprehensive care, including disease prevention and screenings, diagnostic treatment, medical education in relation to disease prevention and treatment, injury care, and coordination with specialists. This is your first resource in your medical care, so we don’t take that responsibility lightly! We’ll make sure you get the medical attention you need every time you walk through our doors.

  • Specialty care: advanced medical care for physical, mental, and behavioral health. Our specialty care providers are well-versed in various niches, from cardiologists, oncologists to psychiatrists, your primary care physician will work together with your specialty care provider to ensure you get the appropriate attention for your healthcare needs.

  • Virtual care: can’t make an appointment or feel safer visiting from the comfort of your home? No problem! CareMax offers virtual care services where possible.

  • Dental care: your teeth are an integral part of your health. We’ll help make sure you get connected with a dentist to keep your oral health in top shape.

  • Optometry: vision is another key pillar of health. Get connected with an optometrist to keep your eyes healthy, including frames and lens services.


CareMax also offers transportation services – call us to learn more (305.425.9999)!