Working With CareMax as a Patient Care Provider
December 1, 2021

Empowering our community through value-based care is how we like to do business with our patient care providers. We believe that cutting-edge solutions that keep the care and best interest of the patient in mind, first and always, are how we provide better care for our communities. Investing in inpatient care provides success is more than just seeing numbers and stats increase, it is about providing better health to the communities of Georgia and Florida through help issued to providers.

We help them achieve better results through assistance in technology, existing systems, and management consulting.

We believe in a collaborative approach to patient-centered care. We take the specific needs of the patients and locations into consideration when providing solutions. To us, it is more about the quality of care provided rather than the mere number of patients seen.

Through this approach, our providers can take advantage of the risk-adjusted payment model, seeing revenue and an increase in positive patient interactions. Fee for service reimbursement models does not provide patients with more positive outcomes. Rather, this model pays little to no attention but focuses and maintains and gains profit. This system is challenging for staff, technology, management, and infrastructure. 

Being a CareMax Community Partner means having a network of clinicians to work with who will help provide value-based payment programs, allowing you to see results without compromising patient care. 

The first step is to set up an initial consultation. Then our team will send out a practice transformation specialist to integrate our technology into the existing workflow. This approach best suits employees and providers, allowing time for a learning curve. 

Our team is ready to help you. Find out more about our provider relationships and set up an initial consultation online.