Provider Partnerships
CareMax empowers its community partners with innovative solutions for succeeding in value-based care.  We invest in providers’ success, by enabling community partners to leverage our proprietary technology, management expertise and existing infrastructure.  Carefully evaluating each partner’s specific needs allows us to align for collaborative care delivery.
Unique Opportunity
Fee for service reimbursement models have been around forever, unfortunately, most have been reducing payments on a consistent basis.  The system has deteriorated to the point that providers are forced to see high volumes of patients in order to maintain current revenue.

As an alternative, providers who take advantage of risk adjusted payment models experience strong revenue streams and improved patient outcomes.  The best part is, compensation now relies on quality of care provided, not the quantity of encounters completed.
The Challenge
While value based reimbursement models do present a great opportunity, participants often face a challenge with the increased complexity.

As these models develop, barriers to entry become greater. It requires significant investments in staff, technology, management and infrastructure to be successful.
Our Solution
Don’t do it alone, join the growing family of trusted CareMax Community Partners.  We work alongside clinicians to accelerate growth in value based payment programs.

1.    After an Initial Consultation

2.   We dispatch our practice transformation specialists

3.   We integrate our technology into existing workflows

4.   Then optimize your practice to improve value throughput.

Proprietary End-to-End Technology Platform Drives Outcomes
a powerful, easy-to-use tool
2021 was a year of tremendous growth and success for CareMax, with an ambitious expansion plan in full swing. We almost tripled the number of CareMax locations, taking our Whole Person Health model of care to tens of thousands more underserved patients, while still realizing optimal patient outcomes and lowering costs.
Dr. Jose Villar
"For me as a physician, working with CareMax fulfills my life long dream
of being able to care for my patients as
a whole person.  Having the support of
a professional team that eases my
patients access to care is key."
Dr. Yamirka Sanchez
"For me, working with CareMax as physician has been a great professional experience.  It has given me the necessary tools and the support of talented and dedicated team of professionals, which enables me to provide quality and whole person healthcare to all my patients. CareMax is ... my dream come true."
Dr. Luis Alvarado
"My professional experience, working with CareMax, has been excellent and gratifying."
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