Provider Partnerships with CareMax
September 15, 2021

By investing in the success of care providers, CareMax can empower the community around us. Through our innovative solutions, we can help providers build on their management expertise and existing infrastructure. We carefully evaluate each of our community partner’s specific needs, allowing us to deliver results on collaborative care.


Fees for service models are out-of-date. That’s where CareMax’s system comes in. Providers who use risk-adjusted payment models experience strong revenue streams and improved patient outcomes. Compensation no longer needs to rely on the number of patients who visit their providers but rather the overall quality of care they receive.


Our proprietary, end-to-end technology platform drives outcomes in a three-fold plan: aggregate, analyze, and apply. First, data is analyzed through the millions of data points accessed through the continuum aggregated. Then artificial intelligence (AI) analyzed the data, finding the best solutions to make workflows more efficient. Then, Point-of-Care guidance is automated and applied by providers.


CareMax solutions allow for better patient care and better experiences for care providers – but do not just take our word for it:


“For me as a physician, working with CareMax fulfills my lifelong dream of being able to care for my patients as a whole person. Having the support of a professional team that eases my patients access to care is key.” – Dr. Jose Villar


“For me, working with CareMax as a physician has been a great professional experience. It has given me the necessary tools and the support of a talented and dedicated team of professionals, which enables me to provide quality and whole-person healthcare to all my patients. CareMax is … my dream come true.” – Dr. Yamirka Sanchez.


Working with CareMax can truly transform the way your practice does healthcare. Visit us online and get connected with a community partner to get started.