Working with CareMax
September 29, 2021

CareMax, a medicare advantage organization, offers a full complement of healthcare and wellness services for the senior adult population throughout Florida and Georgia. By offering the most current medical care and comprehensive social activities and services, CareMax can positively impact all who seek health while in our care. 

CareMax believes in working towards whole-person health, which means comprehensively serving our patients. With services for dental care, virtual care, optometry, primary care services, and specialty care, you can ensure every need you have is met while ensuring your access to care is easy and quick. We will even provide you with the necessary transportation to get to and from your doctor. 

Patients are not the only ones who can benefit from CareMax. We want to empower our community to lead healthy lives, which requires making a difference in the work of providers. Through groundbreaking solutions and one-of-a-kind opportunities, we believe we can set physicians up for success in value-based care. Management expertise, technological solutions, special attention to provider needs, and collaboration are just a few ways we can accomplish this. 

We also help healthcare payers. We believe that focusing on all three of these groups – patients, providers, and payers – creates a healthy healthcare ecosystem. We expand care with payers by aligning initiatives with providers and payers, so the patient gets the best possible care across the board. We have consistently seen improvements in ER visits, admissions, and remissions. Value-based processes result in better outcomes. 

To learn more about CareMax, please visit us online