13 Medical Centers
Providing white glove medical services in Florida.
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5 Star Medical Care
Team comprised of top quality clinicians.
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Whole Person Health
Proactive, preventative services that promote healthy living.
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For the past decade our team has been providing healthcare with a heart.
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We partner with with patients, providers and health plans to align goals and outcomes.
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We optimize care through people, processes and technology.
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proactive, preventative services
One of the most important elements to achieving and maintaining good health is having easy access to healthcare. Every CareMax center offers a full complement of services, including transportation, to meet the unique individual needs of our patients.
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simplified workflows, modern solutions
With the help of CareMax’s people, processes and technology, transitioning to a risk-based arrangement is greatly simplified. Our practice transformation specialists work alongside you to implement the best solution for your practice.
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Health Plans
maximize revenue, downstream risk
Value based care aligns provider partners and health plan goals – optimizing patient outcomes, ensuring maximum revenue, and protecting the bottom line.  Most providers cannot afford the expensive systems and additional staff to perform population health, document risk adjustment, chronic conditions, and close quality gaps. That’s where CareMax comes in.

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We are a proud

5-Star provider.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) evaluate health plans each year based on a 5-star rating system to measure the quality of healthcare and health services received by Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

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